Thursday, April 16, 2009

A lot of work to do!

I recently purchased all these cigar boxes!! It's so much easier to buy a lot of them then to purchase just a few here and there. It's also so difficult to find good quality cigar boxes. I was so lucky to find these! There are 30 total and I think it's safe to say I have my work cut out for me!! But I have many ideas and can't wait to get started. These boxes are relatively small, but sturdy and are going to be great. I have so many unique ideas for the black boxes! I painted a black one with white blossoms and embellished it with a little glitter (it was a gift for my Grandma). She loved it! I have to admit it did look very sharp.

Anyway, I will get started painting these boxes right away, so keep a look out for them! Hope you have a nice weekend!