Friday, June 4, 2010

Painting Style and Pricing

I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about my painting style and how I price my work. I get asked the question, "What is your painting style?" a lot, and I never know how to answer it. I don't have one particular painting style. I like to paint in many different ways. It depends on the subject I'm painting, the medium I'm using, and sometimes even the music I'm listening to. I like to paint realistically, abstract, loose and everywhere in between. I've always been under the impression that people expect you to have one painting style, but I'm learning that that isn't necessary. Having one style of painting certainly makes your work more recognizable, but you shouldn't feel like you can't try new styles. I feel like I have many, many styles, and I paint in pastel, watercolor, and acrylic, but I would like to try new things too. Your creativity should be limitless. I have no plans to just stay with one medium or one painting style, and that is liberating for me.
As far as pricing goes, I have had some trouble with this too. In the beginning I wasn't sure what was a fair price for my work, so I just went with what I thought was reasonable. If you do some looking around you'll discover that artists charge all kinds of different amounts for their work. Some artists charge thousands for a piece, and some just hundreds, or tens of dollars. Even artists who have achieved some fame, and sell a lot of work, have fair prices. I suppose it all depends on how much work you're able to sell, and if you're selling a lot you can raise your prices. For me, I think art should be affordable. I'm not going to charge more than what I would be willing to pay. When pricing my art I take into account the time I put into it, and the price of the supplies or painting surface I used (which is why my paintings are all priced differently).
I hope this gives you a little more insight into me and my painting style! :) Have a wonderful weekend!


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