Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Dose of the Puppies

This is a spare bed, and the dogs just love it! I suppose it's a soft place to land when they're wrestling around :)
Bentley just loves sitting in the window sill with the breeze in his hair.

I was sitting at the table having lunch and I look down and see this... Ha-ha!

I can't help but notice that I am always able to get more pictures of Bentley, than of Cooper. Bentley will always stay in the same position long enough for me to grab the camera, but not Cooper. As soon as I get up to get it, Cooper is trailing behind. I guess I'll just have to start leaving the camera out! :)


A New England Life said...

You best leave that camera out alright! Mine is always out. You just never know.

Bentley and Cooper are so adorable! They love their mom too ; )

Hope it's not to hot there!


Angela said...

Hi Sharon! It was actually quite cool here today. It didn't get higher than 65. That was quite the switch from 90 yesterday! :)

Nancy Medina said...

Bentley and Cooper are so cute Angela! what would we do without our little helpers to keep us on schedule??

Angela said...

Ha-ha, thanks Nancy! They're in desperate need of a trip to the groomer! :) Yes, little Bentley has taken a liking to laying on my desk while I work, which is much better than my lap! :)