Friday, July 23, 2010

Attention on Drawing

I decided recently that I want to improve my drawing skills. I haven't sat down and really drawn anything in years. This little drawing is the last one that I did, and it was 3 years ago. This was during a period when I wasn't creating anything. All my best works (drawings, paintings, everything) had been purposely destroyed a couple years before, and I just didn't have the courage to create again, until about 2 years ago.
The paintings that I've been doing don't require much drawing, but I used to really enjoy just sitting down and doing a detailed drawing. Now I wasn't born with that talent, and so whatever talent I do have is learned. I remember taking a drawing class in high school, and not enjoying it. I found the basic lessons to be very boring and tedious. But the truth is that they work. I came out of that class feeling like I could draw anything, and my skills had significantly improved. But like anything else, you have to keep at it to improve and maintain your abilities.
Therefore, I have decided to start fresh with my drawing skills again. Wet Canvas offers all kinds of "classes" and lessons, so I'm going to be exploring different subjects and starting with the basics again. I will be attempting to draw daily, and I might share some of my creations.
Have a great weekend! :)


Megan V said...

Hi Ang! Seeing as you are trying to get back into drawing, you might be interested in this project:

I just signed up for it a couple of days ago and am really excited to be a part of it. Read through it and see if you like the idea! I'm going to be sharing my progress on my blog as well.

Also, you mentioned that all of your work had been purposely destroyed. That sounds awful. Do you mean you purposely destroyed it, or someone else?? Hope you are ok!


Susan Roux said...

Its always great to try to improve ourselves. Good luck and enjoy your classes. We are all still learning...

Angela said...

Thanks Susan! And your absolutely right - we never stop learning and improving! :)

Hi Megan! I actually heard about the sketchbook project recently also, and I wasn't quite sure if was for me. While it would be cool to have a lot of people view my drawings, I'd kind of like to just draw for myself right now. I have so much commission work coming up, and currently going on, that I can't take on anything else like that (with a deadline). But I'll think about it some more! :) I wish you luck on the project! :)

Regarding my paintings, I didn't destroy them, someone else did. It was like I was mourning the loss of a human being when that happened. I cried for days! But I'm creating again and I'm just grateful to be at it again! :)

I'm doing great, and I hope you are too! :)