Monday, September 27, 2010


"Amaryllis" 4 by 6, Pastel Painting

Well, I gave the Bristol board a try today and I'm not sure how much luck I had with it. It is so unlike any other pastel surface that I have used before. It certainly was easier to achieve fine lines and details, but it didn't take many layers of pastel. I think if I were to change my usual approach to painting, it just might work. I'm definitely not going to give up on it, because I'd really like it to work for me. The Bristol board is archival and acid free, so it will hold up and last many years.

I used all pastel pencils for this little painting. In fact I used all CarbOthellos. After seeing the scanned painting, I see a couple little tweaks that I need to make.

Thanks to Melissa Clark who allowed me to use her beautiful photograph!

Have a nice afternoon! :)


Gumnut said...

Oh, wow. You did that with pastel pencils??? I must reassess them as a strong colour possibility, because I didn't know you could get so much brilliance out of them. I haven't used them much because I fell in love with the colour brilliance of the traditional pastels. Obviously the skill of the artist matters much ::grin::

I love the brilliant colours in this. Yje reds just shine. Interesting composition too.

Thanks for sharing.


Angela said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments! I think pastel pencils can be just as vibrant as the regular sticks. Of course, the range of colors isn't as great, but you can blend to make your own. The choice of pastel pencil makes a difference as well. I really prefer the CarbOthello's. :)

AK said...

How do you manage such bright colors with pastels. Fabulous.

Angela said...

AK, that is the most common question people have for me. I have no idea how I achieve such vibrant colors in pastel. :) Pastels to me are bright by themselves and I'm drawn to that. Thank you!

D.D said...

Oh, this painting is really eye catching. The details are captured so nicely.