Thursday, November 25, 2010

Field of Flowers

"Field of Flowers" 5 by 7, Pastel Painting

I've been wanting to do some more landscapes and this is one I did this morning. It's 5 by 7 on pastelbord, completed with all Mount Vision pastels. It turned out okay. I've been feeling that my paintings lack emotion and feeling, so I thought I could better express that through landscapes. Well, it's clear that I need a lot more practice.

I deeply admire Paula Ford, and I would love to take one of her workshops. Her landscapes are just incredible. I'll just keep working on it. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


D.D said...

You have done this landscape very nicely. It’s so lively.

Crystal Cook said...

Beautiful work. I think you've got loads of emotion and feeling in your work from what I've seen here on your blog. But we do tend to think the worst of our own work don't we? I love the colors in this landscape in particular. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Angela said...

Thank you D.D. :)

Thank you Crystal. I think you're right, I'm definitely harder on myself about my work than others are. I appreciate your kind comments. :)

joey said...

Love this, Angela. Had had a delightful time catching up on your beautiful offerings. I'm very impressed with your talent :)

Angela said...

Thank you Joey! You're so sweet! :)