Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maverick Update 2 & 3

This is Maverick, the little sweetie I've been commissioned to paint. I gave the first update on him yesterday.
Here is update number 2. I finished the background and completed the eyes and nose. I always begin the actual portrait with the eyes. The eyes bring the animal to life, and if I can get them right, the rest of the portrait seems to come together nicely.

Here is update number 3. I put in an initial layer of pastel all over. I always like to fill in the tooth of the board first because then I am able to achieve finer lines and details.
I know he doesn't look like much now, and please excuse the poor quality of the images. All paintings reach what I call the "yuck" stage and that's probably how I would describe where I am at. Something we have to keep in mind is that painting is a progress and you have to be able to envision the end result. I think this is especially difficult for non artists.
I hope to finish this today or tomorrow so stay tuned! :)