Friday, January 13, 2012

In My Sewing Room This Week

One of my goals for the new year was to find a better balance for my art and quilting. Therefore, I've decided to alternate weeks, and I spent this week in my sewing room. I started the week out by making a custom rag quilt for an Etsy customer. Then I made two baby quilt tops and got those onto the long arm machine (which you can see in the photo above). I still have to hand sew the binding on those. Today I think I will work on another rag quilt. I'm enjoying the slightly larger ones, and I think others would as well. They're a great deal of work, but worth it!

I'll post photos of these quilts soon. Have a lovely weekend!!


Megan V said...

Wow, that's beautiful!!!! Different from your other quilts and really really cool. I love it!

I am thinking of ordering a baby quilt soon! :)...

Angela said...

Thanks Megan! :)