Saturday, February 18, 2012

Berenstain Bears Quilt

Remember the Berenstain Bears? I used to love the books when I was a kid. Moda just released their Berenstain Bears themed fabric line and it's called "Welcome To Bear Country." I couldn't resist creating a little rag quilt with the fabric. It's absolutely adorable!

I've been quilting away this week and I'm currently working on a queen size rag quilt. It will be a sample for a custom listing on Etsy. I will be working on more rag quilts and some fun embroidery items too!

Have a great weekend!


The Berenstain Bears said...

We love your quilt!! Do you mind if we post this to our Facebook album of Moda projects
and to our Pinterest page?
<3 The Berenstain Bears

Angela said...

Thank you! No, I wouldn't mind at all. :)

The Berenstain Bears said...

Thank you ... your quilt is now on both our Pinterest and Facebook sites.