Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meet Milo

Meet Milo, my new English Budgie (Parakeet). It took me a day to settle on a name, but I think the name Milo is cute.

I've been researching Budgies for a while and I thought one would make a great pet. They're just beautiful birds and they have such unique personalities! People often don't think that way about birds, but they're actually highly intelligent.

He hasn't been hand trained at all, so I'm beginning to work on that now. It shouldn't be too difficult though because he lets me put my hand near him outside and inside the cage already. I even managed to lightly brush my finger on his belly today. He started to get a bit nervous after that. Some Budgies will panic if you just put your hand in their cage.

This little cage of his isn't big enough for two birds, but in a few months I might get another one to keep him company.

Just a few other personal things - my husband and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on Sunday. He surprised me with a hot air balloon ride but it was canceled due to weather. We rescheduled for this Thursday evening. I'm quite nervous about it, but

Also, my twin sister had a baby boy, Noah, yesterday afternoon and he's not doing great. They had to take him to another hospital and now she's there alone. Please keep them in your prayers!