Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Custom Project

Here's a look at another custom project I recently completed. A couple months ago a customer sent me a box of her late husbands ties (almost 50 of them) and wanted me to create a few mini memory quilts. I decide to make "crazy" style blocks in order to incorporate many of the ties in a fun way. All together I made 4 of these mini quilts. I made 3 like you see in the first photo and the quilt in the second photo was made using all Christmas themed ties and will be a holiday wall hanging. Two of these were a gift for her childen on Valentine's Day (her husband's birthday).
I had never worked with ties before so this was a new experience. I really enjoyed being able to create this lasting memory for her. I hope the quilts are something she and her children will treasure for a long time.
For the first time in over 6 months I'm all caught up on custom quilt orders! I feel quite free. So now I'm working on getting caught up on about 50 made-to-order baby quilt listings in my Etsy shop. Whew.. the work never ends! :) But I'm really enjoying having all this time to quilt (and hopefully paint soon) before school starts again in May!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Textile Show

 I was asked last minute to submit some quilted items to a textile show happening at the Stillwater Art Guild Gallery this month and next. Luckily I had just made 35 rice bags, and I took a few things off Etsy in order to have them in the show.
Here are some of the rice bags I made. I used a variety of different fabrics. When I was there setting up I couldn't believe how many people didn't know what a "rice bag" was! I've been using them ever since I was little. I love to use them if I have a headache, but mostly to toss in my bed at night.

 The photo quilt on the wall is the first photo quilt I ever made (using my own pictures). Obviously it's not for sale but I thought it would look nice there.
I definitely wanted to include some baby rag quilts. I only had a couple already made and I hated to take them off Etsy, but I didn't have enough time to make new ones.
If you live in the Stillwater area be sure to check out the show! There are all kinds of different items and it's really something to see! We're going to be having a reception but I'm not entirely sure on the date of that yet. I'll let you know when I know!
Hope you're having a great week!