Monday, August 10, 2015

Recently, I was reminded by Patience Brewster, the artist behind these adorable Christmas ornaments, that August is Artist Appreciation Month! I thought I would do a post about who/what inspires my work to celebrate. I have given it a lot of thought over the past several days and come to the conclusion that color is probably my biggest inspiration. I get so excited when I squeeze new paint onto my palette and working with fun colors is almost like a therapeutic experience. 
I not only like to create art, but I love admiring others work as well. I seem to be particularly drawn to loose, colorful watercolors. I have always thought of color, especially in paintings, to be healing in some way. I have been known to soak up the beauty in paintings in galleries and in nature that invoke a positive emotion in me. What I hope to achieve is create works of art that cause others to feel something, like I do when I'm admiring a really beautiful painting or taking in a breathtaking scene. And, in a way, this extends to my quilts and other handmade items as well. I love the way handmade quilts, decorative items, and artwork make a home feel. 
So, in general, I am inspired by color and the beauty around me. If I can put that love into my work in a way that extends to the person admiring it, I have done my job. :)