Thursday, January 21, 2010

Untitled - Unfinished Pastel Painting

This is a pastel painting that I was working on today. The reference picture is one that I took at a park not far from my home. The way the sunlight in the reference picture just dances across the field is beautiful and I tried to capture that in the painting.

I don't have much experience with soft pastels, and I'm still getting used to them. I have used oil pastels in the past and just loved them. I'm finding that I'm loving soft pastels as well. Once you get past the mess that they make, they're a lot of fun.

So after leaving the painting for a while and going back to it I can tell it needs some more darks. I think if I just darken the darkest values, that should do it. It could also use some other small changes.

I'm feeling like I'm not all that prepared to complete a pastel painting because I don't have all the supplies that I need. All I have are a few sets of Sennelier Pastels, no pastel pencils, blenders, or brushes. So, doing detail is pretty much out of the question, until I purchase these supplies. But I have enough to play around, and that's what I'm doing! :)

Just a little reminder - For the next couple weeks in my Etsy shop, I will be donating 100% of every sale to the American Red Cross to help those in Haiti. If you were going to donate anyway, this is a great way, because you get a little something for doing it!