Monday, May 24, 2010

New Studio

I've been working on my new studio for months. This room used to be my bedroom, but I moved it to the 2nd floor of my house. I put up new curtains, pictures, and tried to organize everything. Let me tell you, there is a lot of stuff in this room! I can be very creative when it comes to storage and organization. I absolutely love my new studio space. I guess that's good because I spend a lot of time in there! :)


A New England Life said...

Angela, your studio is lovely! So crisp, clean, and organized. I'm glad you love it. All your hard work paid off : )


David Larson Evans said...

Much nicer than mine , great atmosphere.

Victor Errington said...

Hi Angela.
Beautiful studio you have. It certainly doesn`t remind me of mine. I have an 8x6 Shed that is constantly untidy. I try to keep it orderly, but fail each time within minutes. Lovely photography and paintings. All the best Angela.

Angela said...

Thank you Sharon and David! :)

Victor, thank you too for your kind comments. I'm not sure why, but I can't work in a messy studio. If it's cluttered or dirty, that's all I can seem to think about while I'm working! :)

Prabha Narayanan said...

Looks straight out of a decor magazine! Awesome!