Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 10 - Painting Challenge

I finally painted today! I was missing it too much so I made sure that I set aside some time today. I got these lovely lily stems from the florist yesterday and I wish I would have asked what kind of lily they were. Anyway, the picture above is just a quick shot of my painting setup. I'm not sure if the painting is done. I painted it very loose, and I may have gotten a little too carried away! :) I'm going to leave it for now and go back to it and see what I think. Tomorrow I think I will try the same lily in pastel. I'm not sure I can wait, I might start it today!

Just a few quick notes - I am now on Flickr and my username is "AngelaMarie292." I'm not entirely sure how active I will be on the site, but I am giving it a try. Also, it was recently brought to my attention that my blog was not allowing people to leave comments. I had no idea that I had the comments disabled! Oops! So needless to say, I have fixed it, and you can leave comments now.

Today's Quote: "A beautiful thing is never perfect." - Proverb


Megan V said...

Nice setup, Ang! I love watercolors that are loose handed. Can't wait to see a close up of that one!