Friday, May 7, 2010

New Painting Challenge

I'm planning on embarking on a painting challenge. I was thinking about committing to a 365-day challenge, but that might be a bit of a stretch for me. Therefore, I am going to start with 30 days and if it goes well, and I feel that I can commit to a full year, then I will go ahead and do that.

I'm planning on keeping this just a "painting" challenge, but I may substitute a painting with a photograph or quilt if I need to. In any case I will be expressing my creativity in some way, everyday, and I will be sharing that with you.

I will also be including an inspirational quote with each post. I am so inspired by quotes about peace, love and happiness. I believe reading something beautiful, even just a short quote, everyday, can turn your whole day around.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback while I'm on this journey! :)


Megan V said...

Hi Ange :) I have stumbled upon your blog and during just the right time to see you begin a painting challenge :). Beautiful! I've been doing Project 365 (photography) since January 1st and it has been an amazing project and journey. I can't wait to watch your paintings evolve as you try different things each day! :D