Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome Spring! New Pastel Painting

I just completed this pastel painting, "Welcome Spring." I used a combination of Mount Vision pastels, and pastel pencils to complete this painting. It is done on 6 x 6 Ampersand Pastelbord. The reference photo I used for this painting is from my Great Uncle Mike. He and his significant other, Kay, are wonderful photographers and graciously allowed me to use some of their photos as references. You must check out their website -

This painting was a little different for me. I typically paint pretty loose, but I didn't want to use that approach with this painting. I was striving for a realistic look. I'm still learning what my style is, especially since recently changing mediums from watercolor to soft pastels. In watercolor I like to be very loose. I suppose it depends on the subject I'm working on as well.

I enjoyed this painting so much that I'm planning on doing others using a similar style.

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Thank you and have a great weekend!