Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Pastels

I finally got my 2nd Dakota Art Pastel box and got all my new Mount Vision pastels organized! I had to tear the paper off of 350 pastels as well as inventory them! Buying a full set of Mount Vision pastels was quite a leap considering I had never even tried them before! I had just heard such good things about them. After receiving them and playing around with them a little bit, I'm slightly disappointed. For a "soft pastel" they're a little harder than I was anticipating. I've been using Sennelier's a lot (but a full set is way out of my price range) and they're very soft compared to the Mount Visions. But I'm sure after I use them more I will just love them. I can adapt to just about anything :). Now I have my heart set on a few sets of Terry Ludwig pastels. I have the Maggie Price Greys set, and love it! They are a very soft pastel and I love that. You can never have too many pastels! Right? :)