Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wispy Clouds

"Wispy Clouds" is my latest pastel painting. I couldn't seem to get a good scan of it, therefore the colors are not perfect. The colors in the original painting are beautiful. I took this picture at my Great-Grandma's house on the lake in Michigan. I remember spending many summer days there with my Grandma. I used to fantasize about what was on that island (in the painting). As a little girl I used to think there were people living there! I have many other pictures of this house on the lake, and I plan to paint some of those as well.

Tomorrow I am expecting my complete set of Mount Vision pastels! I've never even tried them, so I hope I'm not disappointed. I have been using Sennelier pastels and I love them, but cannot afford an entire set. They're about $3,000! I've heard many good things about Mount Vision so, I'm sure I'll love them!