Monday, May 13, 2013

Donations to Charity


As some of you may know I was offering a new "Charitable Item" every month in my Etsy shop. The proceeds from that sale would be donated to a specific charity. Well, unfortunately only one "charitable item" sold in about a 6 month period of time. So I decided to just begin donating a set amount of money to charity every month. This means that approximately 5% of every Etsy sale will be donated. These are the charities/causes that I will be donating to (I will rotate every month) -
These are some of the charities and causes that I am passionate about. I will likely be adding to this list.
I already made a donation this month to Life Today and their Mission Feeding cause. Our $50 donation will feed 5 children in Africa for 3 months!
I believe our lives are about serving others who are less fortunate. Thank you for your support!
God bless!