Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interview With Artist Nancy Medina

Continuing with my "Artists I Admire" series, I recently interviewed artist Nancy Medina. I have been an admirer of her work ever since I first set eyes on one of her large flower pot paintings.
Please read the interview below and take a look at a few of Nancy's beautiful paintings.

"Summer Wish Sunflowers"

Can you share a little bit about your art background?

I began drawing and sketching in the first grade, and I used to get in trouble for doodling in the margins of my homework. I remember drawing the Frito Bandito on a blank page in the back of my first grade reader. I just couldn't let that entire white page go to waste! When I turned 30, I made a new year's resolution to begin painting. I studied art in College, and then took some workshops but mostly I am self taught.

"Sapphire Iris"

I know you mostly paint in oil but do you ever, or have you ever painted in other mediums?

I began painting in watercolor, mostly large botanical works on heavy 300 lb paper. I was single and poor and living in Santa Barbara so I would trade paintings for furniture.

"Pas de deux Poppies"

How would you describe your painting style?

My painting style is impressionistic, with an emphasis on bold color. I like my work to feel as if it is moving, as if the color is vibrating, in the tradition of the old impressionist masters.

"Fleurs dans Blue Hydrangeas"

Can you tell me a little bit about your painting process?

Now I work mostly in oils, starting with transparent underpaintings and building up to opaque, brighter colors in the final stages.

Your florals are beautiful. Can you tell me why you enjoy painting them so much?

I love painting florals because color makes me happy. Mother nature gives me free material to work from every day. How can anyone look at a rich red geranium and not want to paint it?

"Silent Serenity White Poppies"

Did you set any art goals for this year?

My art goals are lofty, I want to be able to make enough money with my art so that I can quit my full time job and become a full time artist someday. For now, that pesky mortgage is in the way.

How has blogging and the internet changed your life as an artist?

Blogging and the internet has really helped my art career, especially after I was juried into the original Daily Painters group, Micah Condon and a small group of talented artists created this online gallery, which has thousands of viewers each day.

"Hearts Ablaze Sunflowers"

Do you have any advice for artists just starting out?

For artists getting started, I would encourage them not to get discouraged, but to work hard. Put that energy into your canvas and spend time in the studio. Look to the masters and the great teachers when you feel lost. My art has grown over the past four years, you can see my style has changed drastically if you look back in time on my blog. I still have a long way to go, but I am enjoying the journey.

Thank you Nancy for a great interview!

You can check out Nancy's blog by clicking here, and you can visit her website by clicking here.


Nancy Medina said...

Thank you for featuring me on your blog Angela! You have made my week!!

Angela Emsen-West said...

Really enjoyed this blog thank you Angela for sharing.
Angela x

Laurie Moses, Bristol, UK said...

Very interesting interview Angela!

DeanO said...

This is beautiful art work and a very nice interview.