Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Rag Quilts

I have been having so much fun making these baby quilts! Now come on, if you were a child wouldn't you just LOVE one of these? I would!

This quilt is made from the Dessert Party line by Robert Kaufman fabrics.
This quilt is made from the Meadow Friends line by Moda.
This quilt is made from the Fox Trails line by Riley Blake.

I title these "baby quilts" but they're perfectly large enough to be cuddle quilts, or throw quilts for older children. I have plans to make some rag quilts for adults as well.

Have a great weekend!


Katherine Thomas said...

I love handmade quilts like that! Not only because of the patterns and the craftsmanship, but because they are warm and cozy without being smothering. They're perfect! I hope the recipients of these quilts have many cozy hours with them. You are very talented!

Angela said...

You’re so kind Katherine! Thank you! I love quilts like this too because unless you shop online (and even then sometimes) they’re difficult to find. And they’re a joy to make. Have a great weekend!