Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Soaking Up The Sun

"Soaking Up The Sun" 5 by 7, Pastel Painting

This painting was again inspired by a photograph by a lovely woman, Altagracia Aristy, who has allowed me to use her photographs as references. It's done on UArt paper and I used mostly pastel pencils, but some pastel sticks as well.

When coming up with a title for this one, it had to have the word "sun" in it. We've had some really warm days here lately and today is just slightly chilly. So, I'm longing for a little more of that warm weather. But I think it's gone for good, and I'll just have to make myself a cup of tea to warm myself up. :)


Markun taideblogi said...

Very beautiful and vivid painting of a successful classic on the subject.
Greetings from Finland, Markku

Gumnut said...

I love this! And I hope this is okay with you -

I'm not really sure of the netiquette in this case. I can pull it down if you like.

(eye boggled this morning)

Angela said...

Markun, thank you so much for you kind words! :)

Nutty, you are so sweet to repost this on your blog! Of course I don't mind! :) Thank you!

D.D said...

Wonderful painting. It's so bright & lively. The green grapes is also superb!!

Angela said...

Thank you D.D.! :)