Thursday, September 9, 2010

Puppies and Update

I thought maybe you were all missing the puppies, so I thought I would put up some pictures of them and update you on what has been going on with me.

Bentley posing nicely for the camera.
Cooper says, "Bentley, do you want to come down here and play with me?" Bentley says, "Can't you see I'm being photographed?"

Cooper has no idea why Mom is running around taking pictures of them.
" Mom, I don't know what you find so difficult about Biology, I find it rather stimulating."

I wish I had a new painting to share with you today, but I'm afraid I don't. I really haven't had any time to paint lately, and it's been frustrating. I'm at the end of another quarter in school, so I have final projects and finals due by the end of next week. I'm also trying to get a jump on my Fall and Winter quilts for Etsy. I made out pretty well the last holiday season with my quilted table runners, so I thought I would give it another try this year. Although, I'd much rather be painting than sewing right now.
As far as my painting goes.. I'm still getting everything ready for my gallery representation. Little did I know, this incredible opportunity was going to turn into phone calls to the IRS and appointments with an accountant to try and figure all the legal stuff out. So, I'm officially a small business owner, or self-employed according to the government. I'm excited about being able to write off my art supplies and all my other "business related expenses." Ha-ha... it just seems funny to say that.
Anyway, I hope to finish up these classes, get ahead with my quilting and finally have some time to paint. I'm gathering many beautiful reference photos for future paintings!
I hope you all enjoy what's left of Summer!


Prabha N. said...

Bentley is unbelievably cute! I too find biology stimulating :)
You have a cute twin sister too!
Thanks for following me Angela...i love ur pastel work. Looking forward to more.

Angela said...

Thank you for your kind comments! I agree, I have a cute dog and a cute twin sister! :)