Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Break

I felt like bringing a little beauty to my blog today! It has been so cloudy and rainy this past week. Bring out the sunshine! Actually the sun made a brief appearance today, but that's it.
I wish I had a completed painting to share today, but I don't. I just completed my last final, and all my other homework. I've been working non-stop on this big research paper, and it feels so good to have it done!! It feels great to have everything done :). Now I have 4 whole weeks off! This is the biggest break that we get at my school. Normally we only have a week and a half off in between quarters, and that just isn't long enough! So, I am very happy that I can just focus on painting for a few weeks! How wonderful!
I have started my "heavymetal" painting which is from Day 4 of Creativity Boot Camp. I plan to work on it tomorrow, hopefully finish it, and get it posted. I may also post pictures of a project I've been working on..... :) Have a lovely evening!


Country Girl said...

Surprising to hear you say you're bringing a little beauty to your blog when it is nothing BUT beauty!

If these are lilac, they are gigantic.

Angela said...

Thank you Kate! And yes these are lilacs from Mackinac Island, Michigan. I just love lilacs and they're everywhere on that island.