Monday, July 26, 2010

Loosening Up

With all of these pastel paintings that I've been doing lately I've been longing for my watercolors! Needless to say I put the pastels away this morning and pulled out my watercolor palette. It was so great being able to loosen up with this painting. I love to paint intuitively with watercolor, and I haven't done it in quite a while.
But I have to say that doing this painting really got me thinking this morning. I've been feeling slightly pressured to pick one medium and one painting style. Other artists suggest that you cannot be taken seriously if your paintings are not done in the same style and with the same medium. I am kind of all over the place as far as mediums and styles go. I don't think that I could just choose one. I love what they all have to offer.
So I decided that I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Art is supposed to be fun, and it wouldn't be if I couldn't try new things all of the time. I suspect that after a while I will get comfortable with one medium or style, but until then I'm going to continue with my creative journey the way I have been. Hopefully you'll come along for the ride! :)


Karen said...

Angela, I know many artists that paint in different mediums. I like painting in acrylics and watercolors. I am also, becoming interested in pastels. You have some very nice pastel work.

D.D said...

Angela, I do agree with Karen. I too know many artists who work in different mediums. For me it's not the medium but the journey matters.

Angela said...

Karen, thank you for your kind words about my pastel paintings! I hope that you are enjoying working with pastels also! I know I enjoy your watercolor paintings! :)

D.D, you're right about the journey. It's very important, but I suppose if you want to make art your career, you have to evaluate where you are what you're doing, so that you get on the right path. But I do plan on stepping back and just enjoying art again. We'll see what happens from there! :)

AK said...

How did you manage such bright in watercolors? Is it the color or the combination of colors that makes it so bright and appealing.

Angela said...

When I paint like this in watercolors I build up color with many different glazes. I also just let the colors run into each other. With this particular painting, I think it's the combination of the color of the tulips and color of the background that make it really stand out. I'd call this one a "happy accident!" :)