Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Dose of Cooper and Bentley

Here is the weekly dose of the little guys! The first two pictures are from this week and the others are older ones I thought you might enjoy!

Cooper with his hair cut, breaking in the new couch.

Bentley with his hair cut, napping while Mommy paints.

Little Cooper last summer at the park.

Bentley having a little nap with Daddy.

This is the life.

Bentley 2 years ago with his little pony tail and bandanna!
As you can see from the first 2 pictures, I finally took them to the groomer. I think I probably let them go a little too long. But I feel better now that they're cooler without all that hair.
As I'm writing this the little guys are sleeping at my side. They're so precious! :)


Nancy Medina said...

Adorable babies Angela!!!

Angela said...

They sure are! :)

Karen said...

Very cute....

Prabha N. said...

They are so cuddle worthy! And your art is so dream-like :)