Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Cherries in Watercolor

"Summer Cherries in Watercolor" 5 by 7, on Hot Press

I know what you're thinking, "That painting looks familiar!" I first painted "Summer Cherries" in soft pastel. I had such a wonderful time doing that painting, that I thought I would give it a try with watercolor. Now you must know that I have never done anything like this in watercolor before (I've also never painted on hot press watercolor paper before). All my watercolor paintings have been loose, abstract and painted intuitively. I've never painted anything even close to realism in watercolor before, so I was sure that this wouldn't turn out. But I don't think it's too bad! I admit I got a little carried away with the background (which is supposed to be a wooden board, or deck), but I'm pretty pleased with how the cherries turned out! Even though the background is a little distracting, I don't think it ruins the piece. I don't know what it is, but I really enjoy painting cherries!

I hope you all have a great evening!


AK said...

Angela, there is something wrong with my connection and only the painting was opening up. Whatever I could see, it appears fabulous and the background actually complements the cherries. It is a lovely composition. Keep experimenting!

Janice said...

Angela I don't feel the background is to busy at all! It enhances the red of the cherries, which look yummy by the way. Delicious painting!!!

D.D said...

Angela, nice composition. Your water colour works are also as good as pastel.

Angela said...

Thank you A.K. and Janice! I appreciate your kind comments! :)

And thank you D.D. I'm not sure I deserve your wonderful comment, but thank you! :)